Day to day updates on the lives of our beloved furkids…o

The Pee Tree

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a dog-crazy person. I am the typical person who would visit someone just to play and cuddle their dogs. Since I was a little girl, I formed easily a bond with a dog… to my delight, but many times to my dismay. For some reason a male will ALWAYS pick me out of a crowd to lift his leg… When I was little, I wondered if I looked or smelled like a tree to boy dogs, but the older I became, the more I realised that I do not look like a tree; I also do not smell like a tree, but something about my smell is very attractive to dogs… what could the reason be that a dog would always choose me as his source of relief?

As a child I would sit and play in a circle as part of a group… an unknown dog would make it’s rounds in the park where we played… he would walk past everyone, smelling each one but as soon as he reached me, I would just get a warm feeling against my back. Everyone would laugh at me and to my dismay I would shrink, looking like a ripe, red tomato. Well, now that I’m a middle-aged woman, male dogs still smell the tree in me… but today it is no longer me who gets embarrassed when I experience a warm feeling against my back of my leg, but now it is usually the owner of the dog who turns into a ripe, red tomato with shame for her dog’s behaviour. I no longer get embarrassed about it because I have convinced myself that dogs can smell my dog-love and therefore they mark me as their possession. Whether this is the truth, I will not know and if it is far fetched from the truth, please do not help me right, because I find much consolation in my own made-up idea.

Today, even my own boy dogs smell the tree in me and have left me several times with a wet, warm back while strolling away, tail in the air, so satisfied with himself and his own idea: “Aaahhh, she is still mine after all.” My husband says there’s only one way to stop this horrible behaviour and that is to give the dog his own medicine… pee the dog soaking wet! To my dismay, he proved his statement to me very clearly… Oliver usually smelled the tree in Deon as well, so he just had to mark this tree. I, on the other hand, had a whole new idea about Oliver marking Deon as his possession as he and Deon doesn’t even have a bond, so why would Ollie love peeing on Deon? I believe that Oliver doesn’t mark Deon because he sees him as his possession… oh no, Oliver just loved soaking Deon as wet as possible out of revenge because this man gets too close to his mommy, and Oliver doesn’t share his mommy with any other man… Until the day that Deon showed Oliver who the REAL man is…

One day, while Oliver was relieving himself against the man who steals his mommy, the delighted look on his face suddenly turned into a look of dismay as he realised something was not happening to plan… his back was not supposed to get soaking wet with something warm and very smelly… Yes, I’m sure you could have guessed… There was Deon, pants down with a huge grin on his face, peeing all over poor Oliver. Oliver was shocked and embarrassed, and needless to say… Oliver never smelled a tree in Deon again! And so Deon proved his point… If a dog smells the tree in you, let go of your pants and pee the dog PAPNAT! He will never smell the tree in you again!

Lika – sooo graceful, an outstanding girl💖

Lika’s beautiful cream litter…

Aaahhh, who can not love this girl❤️


Our sweet La-Lisa 8 weeks old, she is our Blue-Fawn French Bulldog💖

Our salt and pepper litter – all sold

Gabriella at her new home❤️❤️❤️ what a beautie-bear


Mila (sold)💖

What a beautiful nest of puppies…

Our Longhair Dachshund litter born middle May 2020…

Precious Ara-Bella🌸She was bred by Klaradyn and Oliver. She will be staying with us🌸

Liewe Lulu

  • New kids in the block:

Meet Lulu and Gucci, our new French Bulldog babies and Hadeshua models…

Precious Lika🌟

Liefste Mia-Lee



Laughing Lily (puppy from Ruby)

Lovely Isabella

Isabella: “What you want, red cat?”

Ruby’s beautiful litter almost 5 weeks old…


Benston💚 with his FAT cheeks, FAT feet and BEAUTIFUL personality

Elmia with her Fasie boy…. inseparable ❤️

Happy first birthday Chanel, Lilly, Raffi, Stella and Basjan❤️❤️❤️ this is Chanel receiving her present from mom Stefane❤️


And so Ruby’s litter arrived! What a beautiful litter❤️

Mickey… she is one of 2 premie-babies that survived. Soooo thankfull🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Her actual name is Mickyla which means MIRACLE!

“No mommy, you’re NOT taking pics of the other dogs!!! Only of me!!!”

Silly Oliver… whenever I try taking photos of out other doggies, he places his face right in front of the lens😂I love you soooo much my dear Oliver boy💙

“My name is Oliver, but I’m not the same Oliver that you usually see on auntie Ronel’s profile! I am Oliver junior junior. You see, THAT Oliver, is my granddad, and if I look at his photos…. he looks a bit silly, hey…..but at least I think I inherented quite a lot of his good-looking genes…. except his sillyness, of course! I think I’m more of a king-type Oliver, not a silly-Oliver like granddad😂

My teddybear love….

Oliver: “Mommy, you’re squishing my ribs…. but that’s ok with me… just hold me and hug me and kiss me… anything for an extra long swim!”🤩

Lovely Oliver….💙

Chanel – what a beautiful girl! She’s bred from Ruby and Dolfie.

Happy feet Isabella…. ALWAYS happy🤩

Our little very light salt and pepper gem💎 … Gemma💖

Trying out our new camera… me with our Daxie lovies💖

Smiling Dolla❤️

What a life🤩

Calvin: “Ain’t I just beautiful!”😂

Oliver: “What are you painting mommy? Me? Me? Me? Do you want me to try out a new kind of posing position?”😂😂😂

Oliver watching me while painting! How I love this teddybear boy❤️❤️❤️

Lika…. she only needs a crown…

Isabella…. sure you can see the friendliness😄

Our little Aslan…a lion with a heart of a lamb

Latest photos of Bambi, Whisper, Isabella and Grafitti

Girlie girls💖💖💖💖from left to right: Coco, Lika, Whisper, Bambi

Our precious Dolla, she will be having a litter middle November💖

Our ad for the Dog Directory 2020

DD 2020

This is Tin-Tin! He is our son’s Wire-hair Foxterrier…

Our beautful Katryn

Isabella and Aslan

Beauty queen Kristil out of Klaradyn and Oliver

Another of Hunny Bunny…

Hunny Bunny… she will be staying with us! So adorable with those bunny ears

Isabella and Beautie 6 and half weeks old…

My precious loving friend, Christa, owner of Sebastian (bred by Maja and Karoo) and Rosie (bred by Klaradyn and Oliver) Love you❤️

Me with Rosie🌹 and Sebastian🦁…What a blessing seeing and cuddling 2 of my babies one and a half year later. And what a surprise that they recognized me

Our previous Isabella bred by Coco and Grafitti 💖



Beautie with her blue eyes – 5 and half weeks old




Beautiful girl from Emma – 6 weeks old


Just look at these beautiful blue eyes… we hope it stays blue…


We are so proud of these 2 lovely dapple girls from Coco and Grafitti…


Katryn turning into a silver beauty…she was born black and silver…


Beautiful Amee with her amber coloured eyes…


Emma and Oliver’s litter:


This is Raffi – she will be staying with us until end June when her new family will return from Singapore! What a beautiful girl!


Basjan – a boy from Ruby and Dolfie that I kept. Dolfie is getting a little bit old, so Basjan will follow in his dad’s shoes…


Written by Ronel

Lover and breeder of miniature Schnauzers and Longhair Dachshunds in South Africa

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