Hadeshua ⭐️

Available puppies?

No immediate available puppies; only upcoming litters:

Upcoming litters – July

Lika has been mated by Aslan – we expect cream as well as chocolate and cream puppies from middle July 2020… I work strictly from a waiting list! Prices can range from R10 000 and more. Please refer to the waiting list underneath the photos.

Little lion, Aslan, is guilty of Lika’s growing tummy:

Waiting list

I work strictly according to a waiting list. If you do approve to own a Hadeshua puppy, a short waiting list contract has to be completed that includes a R500 non-refundable fee. I do not keep anyone “in the loop” without the waiting list contract in place. If you are interested in one of our Hadeshua-bred puppies, please send me an email with your info. I would also like to know your family setup, other animals, your working hours and what kind of life a puppy will have with you. If you find it too personal to give me your info, please don’t contact me. My puppies will go to approved homes only!

You are welcome to email me on hadeshua33@gmail.com


Puppies will only be sold to approved homes! I do have the right to disapprove selling a pup to a family with no excuse or explaining from my side! I also do have the right to cancel the selling of a pup and refunding the buyer for whatever reason.

Raising our puppies

Our puppies stay with mum next to our bed for the first few weeks whereafter they are moved to the puppy-room that is an extension of our room. They have their own door leading to the puppy garden where they play and get pottytrained. I assure you our puppies are raised with much love, care and attention.  You will receive regular updates and videos of the pups, and from 4 weeks onwards, professional photos of pup.

Puppies are raised on softened Hills or Royal Canine. Puppies are microchipped, KUSA registered, vaccinated and dewormed on 6, 9 and 12 weeks.  Puppies leave us after 8 weeks with own blanket, toy and if possible, and a small bag of Royal Canin or Hill’s Puppy food

Breeding restrictions as well as a spay/neuter contract will apply.

The following photos are our current litter from Whisper. ALL SOLD!!!

The following photos are pups from our previous litters – ALL SOLD.



Chocolate and cream boy




Penelope aka


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