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Our Schnauzer Breeding Boys and Girls

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Maja is our salt and pepper girl, she is the smallest of our Schnauzers, but surely the leader of the pack! She is a excellent watchdog, very protective over her family and sometimes too dominant.  She is super intelligent, but also very loving.  Maja’s previous puppies were just as intelligent as their mom.  She will have her last litter end of 2019 whereafter she will be sterilized and stay with us.





Klaradyn is our black girl with a heart of gold and she loves talking.  She’s very lively and affectionate.  Her previous puppies were very loving, friendly, social and can be a little bit mischievous… very cute!




Ruby is our soft-hearted black and silver girl, very friendly and playful …




Emma is a salt and pepper girl from Maja with the most loving and obedient heart…





Amee is our salt and pepper girl with the most beautiful amber coloured eyes and a huge white beard!  She’s always full of mischief!





Katryn is our lovely black and silver girl, very energentic and talkative, our home will never be the same without this beautiful girl. She was bred by Klaradyn and Oliver



Oliver is our black and silver boy that lighten with age. He is surely the most loving boy.  His puppies are gorgeous white-beard teddy bears.  How I love this boy…




Unfortunately, Dolfie had to be castrated because of prostate problems that come with age. He will be staying with us. The good news is that his mating with Ruby early 2019, produced a beautiful little boy that resembles his father and little Basjan will follow in dad’s, Dolfie’s, shoes. He is also a black and silver boy, and as playful as his dad Dolfie. He also has a small, robust built, so we hope that Basjan too will produce small, playful, friendly and loving puppies like his dad.



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