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Our Schnauzer Breeding Boys and Girls

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Klaradyn is our pitch black girl with a heart of gold and she loves talking.  She’s very lively and affectionate.  Her previous puppies were very loving, friendly, social and can be a little bit mischievous… but very cute and beautiful!  Unfortunately she doesn’t like to be photographed, so I do not have as much pics of her than the others.  Some of her previous puppies are added…


Puppies of Klaradyn


Ruby is our small, soft-hearted, friendly black and silver girl.  She is a little miss Beautie, being the smallest of all our Schnauzers.  Most of her pups are also as small and stunning just like mom Ruby.


Puppies of Ruby


Emma is a salt and pepper Hadeshua bred girl.  She has the most loving and obedient heart… Her puppies are usually salt and pepper little beauties…


Puppies of Emma


Amee is our salt and pepper Hadeshua bred girl with the most beautiful amber coloured eyes and a huge white beard!  She’s ALWAYS full of mischief!  She is just an amazing dog!  Some of her puppies can by very unique, as they are a VERY light salt and pepper.



Katryn is bred from Klaradyn and Oliver.  She was born as a black and silver girl, but turned out to be a very light silver.  She is very energentic and talkative like her mom Klaradyn… and Katryn is purely BEAUTIFUL!


Kristil is Hadeshua bred, also from Klaradyn and Oliver.  She has a very kind heart and just love being cuddled.


Lucy – Hasie

Lucy is called Hasie (Bunny).  I am so proud of this beautiful girl, as she is a product of most of my dogs mixed together.  I think that’s why she has such a special personality… she has something of each of her parents and grandparents.  Her grandparents are Maja, Karoo, Oliver and Klaradyn and that is why Hasie is just Hasie… such a special girl.  She is everything you want in a Schnauzer:  loving, friendly, talkative, energetic, love being cuddled, a good watchdog and most of all:  mischievous!  How we love this Hunny Bunny!



Oliver is our black and silver stud that lightened with age.  He is surely the most loving Schnauzer boy I have ever met.  He is funny, friendly, loving, ALWAYS wants to be cuddeled and most of all… he adores his human mommy!  Oliver was our main stud the last few years and I hope he will still be for the years to come.  I am so blessed to have this boy with his unique personality.  His puppies are gorgeous white-beard teddy bears with the most amazing personalities.  How I love this boy…



Basjan was bred from a wonderful combination between Dolfie (our first stud) and Ruby. He is just as small, robust and well-built like his dad, Dolfie.  I am very excited about Basjan’s future with us as an extra stud.


Dolfie – retired

Unfortunately, Dolfie had to be castrated because of prostate problems that come with age.  He will be staying with us. The good news is that his mating with Ruby early 2019, produced a beautiful little boy that resembles his father and little Basjan will follow in dad’s, Dolfie’s, shoes. He is also a black and silver boy, and just as playful as his dad Dolfie. He also has a small, robust built, so we hope that Basjan too will produce small, playful, friendly and loving puppies like his dad.


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