Mini Schnauzers & LH Dachshunds

Day to day updates on the lives of our beloved furkids…

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Happy feet Isabella…. ALWAYS happy🤩

Our little very light salt and pepper gem💎 … Gemma💖

Trying out our new camera… me with our Daxie lovies💖

Smiling Dolla❤️

What a life🤩

Calvin: “Ain’t I just beautiful!”😂

Oliver: “What are you painting mommy? Me? Me? Me? Do you want me to try out a new kind of posing position?”😂😂😂

Oliver watching me while painting! How I love this teddybear boy❤️❤️❤️

Lika…. she only needs a crown…

Isabella…. sure you can see the friendliness😄

Our little Aslan…a lion with a heart of a lamb

Latest photos of Bambi, Whisper, Isabella and Grafitti

Girlie girls💖💖💖💖from left to right: Coco, Lika, Whisper, Bambi

Our precious Dolla, she will be having a litter middle November💖

Our ad for the Dog Directory 2020

DD 2020

This is Tin-Tin! He is our son’s Wire-hair Foxterrier…

Our beautful Katryn

Isabella and Aslan

Beauty queen Kristil out of Klaradyn and Oliver

Another of Hunny Bunny…

Hunny Bunny… she will be staying with us! So adorable with those bunny ears

Isabella and Beautie 6 and half weeks old…

My precious loving friend, Christa, owner of Sebastian (bred by Maja and Karoo) and Rosie (bred by Klaradyn and Oliver) Love you❤️

Me with Rosie🌹 and Sebastian🦁…What a blessing seeing and cuddling 2 of my babies one and a half year later. And what a surprise that they recognized me

Our previous Isabella bred by Coco and Grafitti 💖



Beautie with her blue eyes – 5 and half weeks old




Beautiful girl from Emma – 6 weeks old


Just look at these beautiful blue eyes… we hope it stays blue…


We are so proud of these 2 lovely dapple girls from Coco and Grafitti…


Katryn turning into a silver beauty…she was born black and silver…


Beautiful Amee with her amber coloured eyes…


Emma and Oliver’s litter:


This is Raffi – she will be staying with us until end June when her new family will return from Singapore! What a beautiful girl!


Basjan – a boy from Ruby and Dolfie that I kept. Dolfie is getting a little bit old, so Basjan will follow in his dad’s shoes…


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