3 Litters on one day

On the 18 th of July, my 3 pregnant Schnauzer girls (Amee, Katryn and Kristil) decided to give mommy a surprise. I suspected mischief when I took them a bowl of milk early morning, but all 3 lay on the cushions on the floor (because their tummies are too huge to jump on the sofa) looking at me with drooping eyes… not at all interested in milk, cookies or anything. I looked each one straight in the eye and whispered to them in my dog-language: “It will really not be funny if you 3 girls planned giving birth to your precious puppies all together on one day!” How am I going to manage? I looked at Amee… “You know you have to be c-sectioned… I have to drive you to Dr. Macky in Graaff-Reinet… I will be away for 3 hours! Who will be watching the other 2 at home giving birth?” All 3 just looked at each other… knowing that they are the quilty ones for mommie’s migraine-to-be.

Luckily dad Deon stepped in and offered to accomodate Amee to dr. Macky for the c-section. So I was alone at home with 2 very uncomfortable mommies-to-be… sitting on my back-side between them… the whelping gear and tools nicely organized around me… but nothing happened… Really? What are you girls up to? Kristil just sighed, nested a little bit in her bed and lay down to sleep. Katryn still sat up, looking me straight in the eye, and all I could hear was a knocking sound… I could do nothing more than smile and kiss Katryn on the tip of her nose… and this is who Katryn is… always happy, always smiling, always wagging her tail making a knocking sound. Even in the most uncomfortable times of her life, she will give a smile and wag her tail just to let you know she loves you. Katryn is not dominant at all, she has a heart of gold, just like her mom Klaradyn. That’s why her name is Katryn – it means pure. Pure of heart. That’s our Katryn.


Back to the chaos… Katryn started getting contractions, but nothing happened. I realised we had a problem, something is not right. Dad Deon was still waiting for Amee to be stitched up by dr. Macky… I didn’t have a choice… I had to take dad Deon’s BIG bakkie and drive Katryn to dr. Macky as well. And so it ended up that Katryn and Amee were c-sectioned by our wonderful vet. Amee had 6 puppies – 4 females and 2 males; Katryn had 7 puppies – all females and just as beautiful as their mom.

Back at home, Kristil decided to wait for mommy to be at her side while whelping. She was even so good-hearted to me that she gave me 2 hours of sleep last night, but then she couldn’t hold it any longer and waked me with a soft howl. And that is Kristil… a good-hearted, obedient girl. She is a little bit bigger than Katryn, but such a gentle soul! She delivered 7 beautiful, very strong puppies – 4 females and 3 males.

Amee, on the other hand, is the more dominant girl on the farm. She decides what mischief will be done and the rest will follow. She is VERY protective over her family which is also a good thing for the times we live in. Our workers are very afraid of Amee, knowing that those white, shiny teeth would love to sink into human flesh. She will never ever bite or be grumpy towards us, visitors or children, but she has an extra protective instinct. So if you would like a loving, obedient dog who will protect you or your children with his life, one of Amee’s puppies will fit in perfectly with you. She has the most beautiful amber-coloured eyes and she definately has the most beautiful full, white, bushy beard I have ever seen. But one thing is for sure…NOBODY messes with Amee or her family!

About the puppies

Katryn had 7 black and white-bearded girls, but they are all already booked. Katryn lightened with age, but she was born as a black and silver puppy. Today she has the most beautiful, soft, silver curly hair that shimmers in the sun. Basjan is dad of the litter. He is a very sweet, loving, friendly boy with tons of energy. If I have to predict Katryn’s puppies temperament, I am sure they will be loving, friendly, bubbling, happy, talkative and soft-hearted. Like Katryn, they will not like being alone, but to have a brother / sister Schnauzer, so please keep this in mind.

7 Black and white Females – ALL SOLD


Amee has 4 girls and 2 boys. Oliver is dad of this litter… he is my teddybear, I adore my Ollie-boy! Predicted Temperaments of puppies: Overly protective, loving towards their family, obedient, intelligent and easy to train. ALL PUPS ARE BOOKED!


Krisitl had 4 girls and 3 boys. Basjan is dad of the litter. Predicted temperaments of puppies: Softhearted, pleasing, loving, friendly, gentle souls. ALL SOLD!!!


People already on my waiting list has first choice in gender and from which mom. I will work from first on my list downwards. You have 48 hours to respond on the contract after which the contract become null and you loose your place on the waiting list. A puppy is booked in your name only if the deposit reflects in my account. Deposit of puppies is R3 000. The rest will be payable a day or 2 before the puppies leave us. Most puppies will travel with Global Paws. Transport of puppies are not included in puppie’s price.

Watch this space for photos and updates of puppies…

With love


One thought on “3 Litters on one day

  • Hi Ronel, I live in Hermanus. I am looking to buy a miniature schnauzer. Please let me know when puppies will be available, price range, how to get on your waiting list. Thank you.


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