After meeting a Frenchie, another piece of my heart melted… what a fascinating breed! This little cuties with bat-ears and piggy-tails have the amazing ability to take a huge Frenchie-loop, landing with all 4 paws and a snorting sound into your heart. But beware…The Frenchie-mission is to take over your heart, your mind, your life, your EVERYTHING! They want to rule you and your life and they’ll be spinning you around their fatty paws without you even noticing. The magic is in their eyes… if you look too deep into a Frenchie’s eyes, he will mezmerise you, and before you know it, your Frenchie will own you… your whole life with revolve around this cute, snoring, snorting, farting and grunting bundle of love!


Lulu’s registered name is Willow, which means graceful and slender. Ok, ok, ok…. Lulu doesn’t really represents the word “graceful” or “slender”, but she definitely is as strong as a willowtree. The black dot on her head with her bubbly personality made me think of the name Lulu, and so Willow became Lulu. The name “Lulu” means “pearl” in Arabic, so Lulu was our first pearl-girl-Frenchie. Very interesting is that my first Schnauzer breeding girl’s name was Maya and Maya also symbolizes a pearl😊

Lulu is a pied brindle and the friendliest dog I have ever had. She is a very social girl and loves anyone, greeting each person with “happy” ears (ears pulled back); wrinkly, smiley eyes and a huge smile on her face giving her an even more wrinkled look…a true Duchenne smile… She may not have a wagging tail, showing her love and friendliness, but she certainly shows it through facial expressions. This way Lulu teached met Frenchie-language, as she communicates with me through her eyes. I am so blessed to have this friendly, bubbly, loving girl as part of my life. 


I have always wanted to name one of my stud’s “Arthur” as the name sounds so strong and muscular. Before I really knew the Frenchie-breed, I thought that “Arthur” would suite a French Bulldog stud perfectly as they look so muscular on pictures… so we decided to register our first Frenchie stud as “Arthur”… and then Arthur became one of us. From the moment our eyes met, a very special bond formed between me and this lovely fawn boy. When I looked into this boy’s eyes, it seemed that I could see right through his soul deep into his heart and all I could see was a beautiful, soft, friendly and loving heart; not at all what I expected from a Frenchie. He surely stole a piece of my heart and signed his name on it, but not as “Arthur”, but mommie’s boy! So we do not call him Arthur, but Gucci, Japie and Hansie (I know, I know, it sounds so “plat Afrikaans” but he loves his names.


La-Lisa is our cute, always hopping, Blue-Fawn girl. She never says ‘no thank you’ for a play with one of the other dogs, but as soon as I say to her: “ Kom ons gaan slaap” she runs to the bed to be picked up and immediately falls asleep on my chest. My little soft-spot girl…

Monsieur Beau

Beau is our newest addition to our Frenchies. He is a platinum lilac & Tan boy. I will update soon about his development, but as his name mens “Handsome” in French, Im certain he will grow into a very handsome guy

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