We are situated in the heart of the Karoo between Middelburg and Graaff-Reinet on a farm. Our animals are our passion – from the dogs to the chickens, ducks, sheep and cattle. I am very blessed to have married a wonderful man who loves dogs ALMOST as much as I do. We have 3 sons and our youngest son also has a passion for dogs.

About me as breeder…

Since I can remember, I was a dog-crazy person… I cannot imagine a world without dogs… I cannot imagine not being surrounded by a lot of dogs. I started breeding Mini Schnauzers during 2010 and I am very passionate about my dogs, the puppies we breed, the bloodlines from which I breed, the overall health of dogs and the psychology behind a dog’s actions. I have done a lot of research and will certainly never stop learning or doing research about this passion of mine. To read more about my motive for breeding, click here: Why do I breed?

About our dogs…

We mainly breed Miniature Schnauzers as well as Longhair Dachshunds. In 2020 we fell in love with the French Bulldog breed, so they are quite new to us and we are still learning a lot about this wonderful breed. All our breeding dogs are healthy and without any physical disabilities. Our Schnauzers are DNA tested for genetic illnesness as MC & VWD 1, certificates can be provided. We also made sure that we bought French Bulldogs pups from bloodlines that are clear from heredity illnesses. Our main goal is to breed healthy dogs with outstanding personalities… their looks are an absolute bonus😊 Because I’m breeding Schnauzers for a while and I love keeping puppies for myself, most of my Schnauzer breeding dogs are Hadeshua bred. Because I know my dogs well, I know which male and bitch’s personalities will fit together to breed beautiful, healthy puppies with outstanding personalities.

The life’s our dogs live…

I believe that our dogs have the best balanced home, as they are loved to the moon and back, but also allowed to be dogs – doing stuff dogs love to do like going for daily walks, swimming in the dams, chasing after rabbits, meerkatte and birds in the field… they were even so lucky one day to find a few kudu’s in the woods… at first they didn’t know what to do with these huge beasts and started whining. The kudu’s must have had such a terrible shock of this high-pitched screaming little rats that they started to run… of course the dogs thought it to be the best fun ever that these huge beasts are so scared of them… I think they must have felt very brave… Needless to say, I went back home with only a few dogs that wasn’t feeling brave enough for kudu-hunting… the rest of them came home in a while… so tired and thirsty that they plunched into their baby pool to cool down. I’m sure if one could ask them if they enjoy life, they will give you a huge smile… thinking of all the fun they have and also being able to lie with us on the couches, on our bed, everywhere in the kitchen, at my feet in my office.. while I’m writing or painting… and yes, all my dogs get along very well… they play together, sleep together and even eat together. The only difficult times are when the girls go into season but we are blessed with a huge garden. Girls in season stay on one side of our home and boys on the other side, so problem solved… Our dogs are fed various products from Hill’s, but I am considering to switch over to a raw diet.

How we raise our puppies…

…With loads and loads of love! Our puppies stay with mom next to our bed for the first few days. When I feel comfortable to leave mom alone with puppies, I move them to the baby nursery-room which is a nice, quiet room situated next to ours where no one can irritate mom and she can attent peaceful to her newborn babies. Moms are fed a special diet consisting of freshly cooked chicken every day. When puppies start to wiggle around and show interest in food, they are moved to the 2nd puppy-room which is more central in our home. Here the puppies get used to new sounds as well as being pampered by everyone who walks by the puppy-room… who can resist a puppy? They get used to human sounds and human hands caressing them and in no time they start wagging those little tails when they hear or see us. This room has a sliding door leading to the small puppy-garden where they are trained to wee on the grass.

Process of purchasing a puppy…


I rarely have immediate available puppies. I work strictly according a booking system and only place puppies to approved homes. Please understand that my puppies are little pieces of my heart that I have to let go to new homes and that’s not always easy for me… that is one of the reasons why I am very strict in choosing my babies’s new homes. I have to make sure that they go to the best homes where they will be loved just as much as we loved them! I will have a lot of questions and it’s only fair that you may also have a lot of questions!

My puppies sell with a strict sales contract that includes a spay/neuter contract. They are microchipped, KUSA or CANINE SA registered WITH BREEDING RESTRICTIONS! Puppies are vaccinated on 6, 9 and 12 weeks, as well as dewormed every 2 weeks. Each puppy leaves us with his own unique Vaccination Card, a puffy flower bed or soft fur blanket (new owner has the choice), Hill’s Puppy Pack and toy. Delivery of puppies are not a huge problem as I always do my best to arrange the best transport for the most reasonable price. Delivery cost is not included in the selling price.

If you are interested in a Hadeshua bred puppy, first make sure about the prices of my puppies (You will find the prices under the Puppy Pages). It is crucial to be added to the waiting list; without being on the list, I might not be able to help you.

There’s alot of information and photos on the website, so enjoy browsing around…

Aster, our front page model😍

Here are a few links to the most read posts:

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For prices, waiting list information and photos of previous puppies: Miniature Schnauzer Puppies,Longhair Dachshund Puppies

Ps… the navigation menu is on the top righthand side.

A few photos of our other farm animals… I love sheep, especially the Dormer breed, and my husband is a great fan of Brahmans.

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