Kristil is our beautiful Black & Silver daughter from Klaradyn and Oliver. She was born with a very unique white patch on her chest that reminded me of a crystal. The symbolic meaning of a crystal is purity, faith and perfection… and then I knew Kristil was a keeper as she was born as a perfect little girl with perfect ears, a perfect body structure and a beautiful colour. If you read about her mom, Klaradyn, you will notice the meaning of Klaradyn is ‘pure’. So the names of all the girls that I kept from Klaradyn, has the meaning of purity. Kristil’s registered name is Array of Colours.

Kristil certainly lives up to the meaning of her name as she has a beautiful, calm personality who never does anything wrong. Her eyes speak of purity, obedience, cleverness and faithfulness… and she certainly has all those characteristics in one.

Previous pups from Kristil

Kristil and Charlie Puppies

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