Since I could remember, I was a dog-crazy person… I cannot imagine a world without dogs… I cannot imagine not being surrounded by a lot of dogs.  I started breeding Mini Schnauzers during 2010 and I am very passionate about my dogs, the puppies we breed, the bloodlines from which I breed,  the overall health of dogs and the psychology behind a dog’s actions.  I have done a lot of research and will certainly never stop learning or doing research about this passion of mine.

After I’ve learned a few nasty lessons from self-centred people, I confronted myself with the following question: 

“What is my main reason or motive for breeding the breeds that I love so much? Why do I invest so much time, energy and money into my breeding program? Doing research about illnesses, genetics, breeding practices… doing DNA tests that cost a fortune… making sure there are no genetic illnesses in my bloodlines… figuring out which male to breed to which female to produce healthy, beautiful puppies with loads of personality… Why?”

* For the money?  Well, then I would have spent every cent on myself and certainly not on my dogs…

 *  For pleasing people so they can have a puppy their hearts yearn for? 

Asking myself these question, made me realise that I’m definitely not breeding to become a millionaire, nor do I breed to please people!  My main reason for breeding certain breeds is out of love for these breeds and it is my utmost desire to contribute to the future of these breeds – keeping it as healthy and pure to the breed standard as possible… and one day I can hand it over to one of my sons so they can continue to improve the breed.

I also have to honest… breeding and working with people, made me kind of a “bitch” that I truly never was. I have been taught some nasty lessons by people, trying to play on my emotions so that they can get their way. So I am not heartless and I certainly don’t have a heart of stone, but NO ONE will succeed in getting their way with manipulative actions. If I get the feeling of being pressured by someone, or if so-called “important people” try to manipulate me, I will cancel the purchase of their puppy.

I have a very interesting way how I choose homes for my puppies as I believe that each puppy is born for a specific family, and it is my responsibility to get each puppy united with his new family. I love my work, it is truly my passion, I love animals more than people, I love spending my time with my dogs and I am very selfish with my time. That’s maybe why I don’t like my phone… but that doesn’t mean I’m a scammer… it only means that I choose my time wisely.

With love


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