I believe that our dogs have the best balanced home, as they are loved to the moon and back, but also allowed to be dogs – doing stuff dogs love to do like going for daily walks, swimming in the dams, chasing after rabbits, meerkatte and birds in the field… they were even so lucky one day to find a few kudu’s in the woods… at first they didn’t know what to do with these huge beasts and started whining.  The kudu’s must have had such a terrible shock of this high-pitched screaming little rats that they started to run… of course the dogs thought it to be the best fun ever that these huge beasts are so scared of them… I think they must have felt very brave…  Needless to say, I went back home with only a few dogs that wasn’t feeling brave enough for kudu-hunting… the rest of them came home in a while… so tired and thirsty that they plunched into their baby pool to cool down.  I’m sure if one could ask them if they enjoy life, they will give you a huge smile… thinking of all the fun they have but still being able to lie with us on the couches, on our bed, everywhere in the kitchen, at my feet in my office.. while I’m writing or painting… All our dogs get along well… they play together, sleep together and even eat together.  Our dogs are fed various products from Hill’s, and some of them are on a raw diet.

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