We do not have any available puppies at the moment. Our Lika-angel unfortunately had a miscarriage.

Upcoming Litters


Bea was mated by Aslan so I expect a cream litter from her end of March. Unfortunately my waiting list is quite long, so there’s no open spaces on Bea’s waiting list.


Isabella was also mated by Aslan, so we’re hoping for a litter from her end of March. I do not have open spaces on her waiting list either.

If you are a Longhair Dachshund lover and you have your ❤️ set on one of our precious Hadeshua puppies, please read the process of adopting one of our little stars and make sure about the asking prices of my puppies. I work strictly from a waiting list, so I never have puppies that is available immediately. If I do, they will be under “Available Puppies”. If you are interested in purchasing a popular colour, like a cream female, please make sure about the waiting list and the process to follow.

Prices of Puppies…

Longhair Dachshunds are much more expensive than Smooth-haired Dachshunds. My prices range from R10 000 – R15 000, depending on colour. Price include vaccinations on 6 weeks, regular deworming, microchip, registration and a Puppy Pack which contains the puppy’s blanket, Hill’s Puppy Food and vouchers, a toy and some treats. You will also receive professional photos of your pup from 6 weeks onward. Price of puppy does not include delivery.

Waiting List

I work strictly according a waiting list. If you are interested to be added to the list, please send me an email with as much information as possible. I would like to know where you are based, number and age of children and other pets; your working hours and what kind of life a puppy will have with you. If you do approve to own a Hadeshua puppy, a short waiting list contract has to be completed that includes a R500 non-refundable fee. I do not keep anyone “in the loop” without the waiting list contract in place.

Puppies will be sold to approved homes only! I do have the right to disapprove selling a pup to a family with no excuse or explaining from my side! I also do have the right to cancel the selling of a pup and refunding the buyer for whatever reason.


Raising our puppies

…With loads and loads of love! Our puppies stay with mom next to our bed for the first few days. When I feel comfortable to leave mom alone with puppies, I move them to the baby nursery-room which is a nice, quiet room situated next to ours where no one can irritate mom and she can attent peaceful to her newborn babies. Moms are fed a special diet consisting of freshly cooked chicken every day. When puppies start to wiggle around and show interest in food, they are moved to the 2nd puppy-room which is more central in our home. Here the puppies get used to new sounds as well as being pampered by everyone who walks by the puppy-room… who can resist a puppy? They get used to human sounds and human hands caressing them and in no time they start wagging those little tails when they hear or see us. This room has a sliding door leading to the small puppy-garden where they are trained to wee on the grass.

Puppies from previous litter – ALL SOLD!

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