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15 ml R155
30 ml R200

NEVER be without Diomec!  It is a wonderful product for diarrhoea and nauseousness, especially in the first few days if the pups stress due to new circumstances. 

Diomec Plus is a paste used to treat acute and chronic diarrhoea in dogs and cats. Tasteless, so your fussy pet won’t even notice it, simply add it to food at mealtime or squirt directly into the mouth.

Contains Diosmectite, a natural clay, which binds the stool to normalise the consistency and helps heal the intestinal lining by forming a protective lining in the gut. Prebiotics help normalise the balance of good and bad bacteria, while the dextrose and electrolytes replace what has been lost.

This combination helps give the body a boost while drawing out the toxins in the gut.

Diosmectite clay binds the stool and draws out toxins while forming a protective layer on the gut wall

Electrolytes, dextrose and prebiotics normalise the bacteria in the gut and boost the system

Glutamine nourishes the cells in the intestines promoting healing

Tasteless paste that can be added to your pet’s food or dosed without hassle

Easy to use dial-a-dose syringe

Can be used in the treatment of any tummy upsets no matter the cause, including bacteria, virus, stress or just plain eating too much rubbish around the garden”

Protexin Soluble

60 gram R75
250 gram R190 

I use Protexin by adding a little bit to the water of my dogs.  

Protexin Soluble contains live heat- and acid-resistant natural organisms.  It is a probiotic powder that promotes healthy living in cats and dogs.  It may be fed continuously or a course may be repeated at intervals for maintenance of good health.

Parasite Control

I do not recommend any other products than the following:


200 ml R90 

Prevent flies from infecting your animal with various diseases;

Stop flies from being a nuisance to your animal and yourself

Repels flies, ticks, fleas, midges and mosquitoes

A pleasant-smelling solution contains synergised pyrethroids as well as aromatic oils. This highly effective combination of ingredients provides immediate relief and long-lasting protection against all flies.


100 ml R240
200 ml R400

Frontline Plus Dog & Cat Tick & Flea Treatment Spray provides your pets with protection against fleas and ticks.

Key Features:

Controls Brown Dog ticks when applied monthly.

Controls Paralysis ticks when applied every 3 weeks.

Controls adult fleas when applied every 4 to 12 weeks.

Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis when applied monthly to the affected pet.

Safe for puppies and kittens from 2 days of age

Probono Iced Biscuits Small

1 kg R80

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