Available Puppies?

We do not have any available puppies at the moment. As soon as one of my girls are bred, I will update this page with more information. The usual price on my Longhair Dachshund Puppies range from R10 000 to R15 000. Price includes vaccinations up to date, CANINE SA registration WITH BREEDING RESTRICTIONS, microchip and a Puppy Hamper which includes his or her furry blanket, toy, Hill’s Food and treats. We are based in Swellendam, delivery is not included in the selling price, but we will be able to arrange delivery. Depending on your location, delivery can be arranged for R500 – R1 750 that will be done by ourselves. I do not like to fly my puppies.

Process to reserve a puppy

If you have your heart set on a Hadeshua Puppy, the safest way is to be on the waiting list. That way you can be rest-assured that I will personally keep you updated about upcoming moms and that I will be able to help you with a puppy. Waiting list members are my first priority as soon as a new litter has been born, meaning that I will only inform them about the new puppies. Unreserved puppies will be posted on my website lateron. For more information to be added to the waiting list, please read: Waiting List


Raising our puppies

…With loads and loads of love! Our puppies stay with mom next to our bed for the first few days. When I feel comfortable leaving mom alone with puppies, I move them to the nursery-room which is a nice, quiet room situated next to ours where mom can be at peace with her newborn babies. Moms are fed a special diet consisting of Hill’s Puppy Food as well as freshly cooked chicken every day. When puppies start to wiggle around and show interest in food, they are moved to the 2nd puppy-room which is more central in our home so the puppies can get used to new sounds as well as being pampered by everyone who walks by the puppy-room… who can resist a puppy? They get used to human sounds and human hands caressing them and in no time they start wagging those little tails when they hear or see us. This room has a sliding door leading to a small puppy-garden where they are pottytrained.

Puppy Photos – taken by myself (all of these pups are sold)

Litter from Bea & Aslan

The next photos were taken from a litter from Honey and Graffiti

Litter from Bambi & Aslan

Litter from Lika & Aslan

Litter from Whisper & Aslan

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