Basjan as a puppy

Basjan is the son of my first stud, Dolfie, who was much loved for his loving, playful nature as well as his small, compact build. His mother was my gentle, small and compact ruby … dearest Ruby. Dolfie and Ruby blessed Hadeshua Stars in 2019 with an incredibly beautiful litter, and the only male jumped into my heart immediately … and so Basjan was given to us. Basjan has his father’s loving, playful nature and anyone who sees him immediately falls in love with him because he is so compact with dark eyes that look deep into your soul. Basjan’s babies are immediately noticed because they are the smaller babies, and he repeatedly blesses us with beautiful, bouncy balls of fur.

Basjan as youngster

The following photos are Dolfie, proud dad of Basjan. Ek mis jou my Boetie Beer

Here is Basjan’s mom, dearest Ruby: