Available Puppies

We have Longhair Dachshund Puppies available. They will be ready for their new homes end of May.

3 x Chocolate & Cream Female R12 000

1 x Shaded Cream Male R12 000


Mini Longhair Dachshund Puppies


Mini Schnauzer Puppies

Available puppies?

We do not have puppies available at the moment! Please follow my website to receive emails that will be posted whenever I do have available puppies. I might have puppies born during the month of May, but I doubt if I will be able to help anyone from those litters due to my current waiting list. I will definitely have litters during the winter months, so just follow the updates. Puppies (with their prices) that are not reserved by families on my waiting list, will be shown to the public on the age of 6 weeks after they’ve been checked by the vet, vaccinated, registered etc. I usually worked strictly according a waiting list, but I prefer not to do it that way any more as so many selfish, self-centred people cannot understand or accept the fact that the birth of a litter is not in anyone’s hands. I will only place people on the waiting list whose heart yearn specific for a Hadeshua bred puppy. My waiting list is not for those who are in a hurry for a puppy, phoning each and every breeder, putting tremendous pressure on me as a breeder… who wants to know exactly what their numbered place on the waiting list is etc…

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Latest photos

4 April 2021 Our Sweet Caroline

3 April 2021 Photo’s of Ella and Gracey

25 April 2021


Latest news…

Welcome Skyler and Caroline from Hungarye, our newest addition to our precious French Bulldogs.


Online Products

Pricelist of Recommended Products


15 ml R155
30 ml R200

NEVER be without Diomec!  It is a wonderful product for diarrhoea and nauseousness, especially in the first few days if the pups stress due to new circumstances. 

Diomec Plus is a paste used to treat acute and chronic diarrhoea in dogs and cats. Tasteless, so your fussy pet won’t even notice it, simply add it to food at mealtime or squirt directly into the mouth.

Contains Diosmectite, a natural clay, which binds the stool to normalise the consistency and helps heal the intestinal lining by forming a protective lining in the gut. Prebiotics help normalise the balance of good and bad bacteria, while the dextrose and electrolytes replace what has been lost.

This combination helps give the body a boost while drawing out the toxins in the gut.

Diosmectite clay binds the stool and draws out toxins while forming a protective layer on the gut wall

Electrolytes, dextrose and prebiotics normalise the bacteria in the gut and boost the system

Glutamine nourishes the cells in the intestines promoting healing

Tasteless paste that can be added to your pet’s food or dosed without hassle

Easy to use dial-a-dose syringe

Can be used in the treatment of any tummy upsets no matter the cause, including bacteria, virus, stress or just plain eating too much rubbish around the garden”

Protexin Soluble

60 gram R75
250 gram R190 

I use Protexin by adding a little bit to the water of my dogs.  

Protexin Soluble contains live heat- and acid-resistant natural organisms.  It is a probiotic powder that promotes healthy living in cats and dogs.  It may be fed continuously or a course may be repeated at intervals for maintenance of good health.

Parasite Control

I do not recommend any other products than the following:


200 ml R90 

Prevent flies from infecting your animal with various diseases;

Stop flies from being a nuisance to your animal and yourself

Repels flies, ticks, fleas, midges and mosquitoes

A pleasant-smelling solution contains synergised pyrethroids as well as aromatic oils. This highly effective combination of ingredients provides immediate relief and long-lasting protection against all flies.


100 ml R240
200 ml R400

Frontline Plus Dog & Cat Tick & Flea Treatment Spray provides your pets with protection against fleas and ticks.

Key Features:

Controls Brown Dog ticks when applied monthly.

Controls Paralysis ticks when applied every 3 weeks.

Controls adult fleas when applied every 4 to 12 weeks.

Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis when applied monthly to the affected pet.

Safe for puppies and kittens from 2 days of age

Probono Iced Biscuits Small

1 kg R80

Worms in dogs

The idea of worms in our dogs is always unpleasant. Nobody wants to think about creepy crawlies infesting their dog’s internal organs.  Serious health problems can occur if worms in dogs are left untreated.  Worms can be picked up from your dog’s stool and contaminated soil.  They can infect other dogs, and in some cases, people can contract certain types of worms. That’s one reason it’s important that you always carefully clean up your dog’s stool.”

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Amee is our dark Salt & Pepper girl with the most beautiful amber coloured eyes, a huge white beard and a robust build!  She is very loving, VERY protective of her family and some times full of mischief!  She has a very strong personality and is surely the leader of the pack. Her puppies can be as feisty and strong-willed as she, but if handled correctly, they are the most obedient, loyal and amazing pets. Amee’s puppies are STUNNING!.  


The lives our dogs life…

I believe that our dogs have the best balanced home, as they are loved to the moon and back, but also allowed to be dogs – doing stuff dogs love to do like going for daily walks, swimming in the dams, chasing after rabbits, meerkatte and birds in the field… they were even so lucky one day to find a few kudu’s in the woods… at first they didn’t know what to do with these huge beasts and started whining.  The kudu’s must have had such a terrible shock of this high-pitched screaming little rats that they started to run… of course the dogs thought it to be the best fun ever that these huge beasts are so scared of them… I think they must have felt very brave…  Needless to say, I went back home with only a few dogs that wasn’t feeling brave enough for kudu-hunting… the rest of them came home in a while… so tired and thirsty that they plunched into their baby pool to cool down.  I’m sure if one could ask them if they enjoy life, they will give you a huge smile… thinking of all the fun they have but still being able to lie with us on the couches, on our bed, everywhere in the kitchen, at my feet in my office.. while I’m writing or painting… All our dogs get along well… they play together, sleep together and even eat together.  Our dogs are fed various products from Hill’s, and some of them are on a raw diet.

Why do I breed…

We are situated in the heart of the Karoo between Middelburg and Graaff-Reinet on a farm.  Our animals are our passion – from the dogs to the chickens, ducks, sheep and cattle.  I am very blessed to have married a wonderful man who loves dogs ALMOST as much as I do.  We have 3 sons and our youngest son also has a crazy passion for dogs.

Since I can remember, I was a dog-crazy person… I cannot imagine a world without dogs… I cannot imagine not being surrounded by a lot of dogs.  I started breeding Mini Schnauzers during 2010 and I am very passionate about my dogs, the puppies we breed, the bloodlines from which I breed,  the overall health of dogs and the psychology behind a dog’s actions.  I have done a lot of research and will certainly never stop learning or doing research about this passion of mine.

After I’ve learned a few nasty lessons from self-centred people, I confronted myself with the question: 

“What is my main reason or motive for breeding the breeds that I love so much?  Why do I invest so much time, energy and money into my breeding program?  Doing research about illnesses, genetics, breeding practices… doing DNA tests that cost a fortune… making sure there are no genetic illnesses in my bloodlines… figuring out which male to breed to which female to produce healthy, beautiful puppies with loads of personality…  Why?”

* For the money?  Well, then I would have spent every cent on myself and not using it to give my dogs the best of everything. 

 *  For pleasing people so they can have a puppy their hearts yearn for? 

Asking myself these question, made me realise that I’m definitely not breeding to become a millionaire, nor do I breed to please people!  My main reason for breeding certain breeds is out of love for these breeds and it is my utmost desire to contribute to the future of these breeds – keeping it as healthy and pure to the breed standard as possible… and one day I can hand it over to one of my sons so they can continue to improve the breed.

I also have to honest… breeding and working with people, made me kind of a bitch that I truly never was. I have been taught some nasty lessons by people, trying to play on my emotions so that they can get their way. So I am not heartless and I certainly don’t have a heart of stone, but NO ONE will succeed in getting their way with manipulative actions. If I get the feeling of being pressured by someone, or if so-called “important people” try to manipulate me, I will cancel the purchase of their puppy.

I have a very interesting way how I choose homes for my puppies as I believe that each puppy is born for a specific family, and it is my responsibility to get each puppy united with his new family. I love my work, it is truly my passion, I love animals more than people, I love spending my time with my dogs and I am very selfish with my time. That’s maybe why I hate my phone… but that does not mean I am a scammer… that only means that I choose my time wisely.

Kind regards



Kristil – Array of Colours

Kristil is a beautiful Black & Silver daughter from Klaradyn and Oliver. She was born with a very unique white patch on her chest that reminded me of a crystal. The symbolic meaning of a crystal is purity, faith and perfection… and then I knew Kristil was a keeper as she was born as a perfect little girl with perfect ears, a perfect body structure and a beautiful colour. If you read about her mom, Klaradyn, you will notice the meaning of Klaradyn is ‘pure’. So all the girls (that I kept from Klaradyn), has the meaning of purity. Kristil’s registered name is Array of Colours.

Kristil certainly lives up to the meaning of her name as she has a beautiful, calm personality who never does anything wrong. Her eyes speak of purity, obedience, cleverness and faithfulness… and she certainly has all those characteristics in one.

Her previous puppies were beautiful Black & Silver pups:

Angel 😇 Lika

When she was born, she looked like a sweet little angel, so I decided to name her Lika as one of the meanings of Lika is “angel”. She definitely lives out her name as she is a very good girl! My angel-girl that only needs a crown… that’s our Lika-girl. She is such a gracious lady in everything she does. She’s not as mischievous like some of our other LH Dachshund girls and even if they try their best to lead her to mischief, she will only point her nose to the sky, make a U turn and come searching for me. Not only does she have this queen-like attitude, but she definitely has the beautiful, gracious, queen-like look as well. Lika is the happiest girl in the world if she can crawl with me under a blanket, lying so close to me, as if being glued to me. Wherever I’m busy, Lika will always be the one between my feet or on top of my feet… AND … she will probably tell you: “I’m the cleverest girl ever as I spotted the best place to be near Mommy… because mommy is always surrounded by dogs, there’s not enough space on her lap, so I learned to climb up against mommy’s arm and lying in the back of her neck. I think Mommy loves it because she gives me quite a lot of kisses on my long nose, especially when it’s cold! Then Mommy calls me her “serpie”… I don’t really know what a “serpie” is, but I assume it is something that keeps Mommy’s neck warm. Other times she calls me her “Engeltjie-kind”… I love it when Mommie calls me that…

So there you have it… Lika has the personality of a queen, ALWAYS being the good, obedient girl that loves me with all her heart and I do too. The following are photos of Lika’s previous puppies: