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Why do I breed…

Since I could remember, I was a dog-crazy person… I cannot imagine a world without dogs… I cannot imagine not being surrounded by a lot of dogs.  I started breeding Mini Schnauzers during 2010 and I am very passionate about my dogs, the puppies we breed, the bloodlines from which I breed,  the overall health of dogs and the psychology behind a dog’s actions.  … Read More Why do I breed…

Angel 😇 Lika

When she was born, she looked like a sweet little angel, so I decided to name her Lika as one of the meanings of Lika is “angel”. She definitely lives out her name as she is a very good girl! My angel-girl that only needs a crown… that’s our Lika-girl. She is such a gracious lady in everything she does. She’s not as mischievous … Read More Angel 😇 Lika


Latest photos of Miniature Schnauzer pups … 3 January 2021


Klardyn aka Klara, Zulu, Zulie and Zuligan First… The story behind Klaradyn’s name… I was in search for a pitch black girl and being on a waiting list, I waited a few months for her. I never name my dogs “just a nice name”; I wait for their names to be ‘given’ to me, so each one’s name has a very special meaning. The … Read More Klaradyn