Looking for a new addition to your family? There are several factors that you have to take into consideration when setting your heart on a new puppy…

Do you want a purebred puppy? This is an important factor to think about it as it will determine what your puppy will look like one day, the temperament he will have and of course the health issues that might be problematic as he grows older. Will the puppy be good with children? Or will the cute little puppy turn out to be an aggressive dog one day? Should it be a gentle loving puppy or should it be a feisty busy puppy?

So, in the first place the puppy must be purebred so that you can have more or less an idea of what he will look like one day and also the temperament he will have. If the breeder is in sync with his dogs, knows the bloodlines from which he breeds, he will be able to predict the puppies’ temperament. 99% of the time a puppy takes after one of its parents or ancestors. The temperament of our puppies plays a huge role when we approve new families in order to make sure that the puppy will be an excellent fit for a certain family and their lifestyle.

Each one of our dogs has its own, unique personality and manners which are described under each one’s profile. If you are interested in a specific puppy, you can read about his mother and father’s temperament… that will give you a glimpse of the puppies’ nature and what he will look like one day.

NOTE: As stated in the contract, you will have to return the puppy to us if you realise the puppy will not fit into your lifestyle. We will happily replace the puppy in certain cases. You will not not be allowed to resell the puppy to anyone else without notifying me and you will not be able to request a refund.

Available Puppies:

About our puppies

Raising our Puppies

… with loads and loads of love… Our puppies stay with mom next to our bed for the first few days until we feel comfortable to leave mom alone with her puppies. Then they move to the nursery which is a nice, quiet room inside our house and where no other nosy dogs can irritate mom so she can be peacefully raise her newborn babies. Moms are fed a special diet consisting of a variety of foods like fresh raw meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables and freshly cooked chicken, Hill’s or Royal Canine Puppy Food. When puppies start to wiggle around and show interest in food, they are moved to the 2nd puppy-room which is more central located in our home. Here the puppies get used to new sounds as well as being pampered by everyone who walks by the puppy-room… who can resist a puppy? They get used to human sounds and hands caressing them and in no time they start wagging those little tails when they hear or see us. At the age of 6 weeks we take them outside where they are introduced to grass. From thereon they get potty-trained while enjoying the rough-play with siblings.





Planning our puppies start off with carefully selecting our breeding dogs. I am blessed to have had a good start with great Schnauzer breeding puppies. It sound easy, but believe me if I say it wasn’t that easy… buying and raising a puppy from another breeder, hoping that he or she might become the perfect breeding dog… As the puppy grows, health issues can start to show, DNA test results are not what I was hoping for or the structure of the puppy is not up to standard – unfortunately this puppy will not be suitable for further breeding purposes… and this is where the weak side of me gets jumpstarted… the kiss and say goodbye part… but on the other side… because of our strict approval of homes, I know that this puppy has a fantastic life ahead of him.

To get to the point, our breeding dogs are very carefully selected according to health, DNA test results, structure and personality in order to breed beautiful, healthy Schnauzer puppies. No inbreeding and no line-breeding!

The way our dogs are handled and cared for, also plays a huge role in the kind of puppies we breed. The way moms-to-be are cared for while being pregnant, already has a tremendous impact on the temperaments of her unborn puppies. After puppies are born, we contribute to their personalities by the way we stimulate, love and handle them from birth. I do believe that our puppies are very special as a result of the way all our dogs are loved.

Puppy Photos – sold

La-Lisa X Gucci

Lulu X Beau

Royalty (Pixie) X Beau

Peppa X Prins Litter

Stunning Chocolate Tan Merle male from Peppa & Prins:



Puppies from Skyler & Carlos – Blue Brindle



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