Looking for a new addition to your family? There are several factors that you have to take into consideration when setting your heart on a new puppy. What is the most important factor when looking for a puppy? So many people, so many opinions, so let me mention just a few:

Is the puppy purebred? For some people it doesn’t matter, but for most people it is important because it will determine what the puppy will look like one day, what type of temperament he will have and of course what health issues might be problematic as he gets older. Will the puppy be good with children? Or will the cute little puppy turn out to be an aggressive dog one day? Should it be a gentle loving puppy or should it be a feisty busy puppy?

So, in the first place the puppy must be purebred so that you can have more or less an idea of what he will look like one day and also the temperament he will have. If the breeder is in sync with his dogs, knows the bloodlines from which he breeds, he will be able to predict the puppies’ temperament. 99% of the time a puppy takes after one of its parents or ancestors. The temperament of our puppies plays a huge role when we approve new families in order to make sure that the puppy will be an excellent fit for a certain family and their lifestyle.

Each one of our dogs has its own, unique personality and manners which are described under each one’s profile. If you are interested in a specific puppy, you can read about his mother and father’s temperament… that will give you a glimpse of the puppies’ nature and what he will look like one day.

NOTE: As stated in the contract, you will have to return the puppy to us if you realise the puppy will not fit into your lifestyle. We will happily replace the puppy in certain cases. You will not not be allowed to resell the puppy to anyone else without notifying me and you will not be able to request a refund.

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We do have immediate available puppies. For more info, please click here: Available French Bulldog Puppies

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