Klardyn aka Klara, Zulu, Zulie and Zuligan

First… The story behind Klaradyn’s name… I was searching for a pitch black girl and being on a waiting list, I waited a few months for her. I never name my dogs “just a nice name”; I wait for their names to be ‘given’ to me, so each one’s name has a very special meaning. The litter black puppies were born and I had to choose one, so I chose the one that had the most black fur but still I didn’t have a name for her.

At the same time, I was busy writing an article about our hearts that has to be clean and pure for the Lord to use us for His purposes. Psalm 51:10 says: “Create in me a clean heart, o God, and renew a right spirit within me.” For a few days (or weeks) I wrote about this subject and one night I woke up in the early morning hours with the name ‘Klaradyn’ crystal clear in my mind. I searched on the internet what the menaing of the name was, and believe it or not… Klaradyn means: “Create in me a clean heart, o God”. I was overwhelmed by joy and I no longer had to wonder what my black girls name was, as the Lord already named her Klaradyn.

So Klaradyn is pitch black with a heart of gold and her personality reflects the meaning of her name perfectly. She is a soft-hearted, friendly, loving, talkative and spirited girl. She has loads of energy and she LOVES to swim, which is sometimes problematic because she learned to climb into the tree, high enough to jump over the wall… and off goes Klaradyn to take a swim in one of the dams. She is very submissive towards other dogs with no aggression at all.

Oliver is usually dad of her puppies as their temperaments form the most amazing puppies with wonderful temperaments. The can be playful, wild, silly and very loving! She usually has 3-4 pitch black puppies as well as outstanding black and white puppies. Underneath are photos of Klara’s previous litters…

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