When she was born, she looked like a sweet little angel, so I decided to name her Lika as one of the meanings of Lika is “angel”. She definitely lives out her name as she is a very good girl! My angel-girl that only needs a crown… that’s our Lika-girl. She is such a gracious lady in everything she does. She’s not as mischievous like some of our other LH Dachshund girls and even if they try their best to lead her to mischief, she will only point her nose to the sky, make a U turn and come searching for me. Not only does she have this queen-like attitude, but she definitely has the beautiful, gracious, queen-like look as well. Lika is the happiest girl in the world if she can crawl with me under a blanket, lying so close to me, as if being glued to me. Wherever I’m busy, Lika will always be the one between my feet or on top of my feet… AND … she will probably tell you: “I’m the cleverest girl ever as I spotted the best place to be near Mommy… because mommy is always surrounded by dogs, there’s not enough space on her lap, so I learned to climb up against mommy’s arm and lying in the back of her neck. I think Mommy loves it because she gives me quite a lot of kisses on my long nose, especially when it’s cold! Then Mommy calls me her “serpie”… I don’t really know what a “serpie” is, but I assume it is something that keeps Mommy’s neck warm. Other times she calls me her “Engeltjie-kind”… I love it when Mommie calls me that…

So there you have it… Lika has the personality of a queen, ALWAYS being the good, obedient girl that loves me with all her heart and I do too. The following are photos of Lika’s previous puppies:

Lika & Aslan 2021

Lika & Aslan 2020

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