Hasie’s original name is Lucy, which means “Light”. She is registered as “Ray of Light”. We call her Hunny Bunny or in Afrikaans: Hasie! In any way, Hasie is my pride and joy as she is the product of all my older Schnauzers together… 4 totally different bloodlines. She is the grandchild of Oliver, Klaradyn, Maja and Karoo (Lynville). She is like a Duracell bunny with loads and loads of energy, always chatting and always smiling. What a happy girl with a shining personality!

Why the name “Hasie”? It’s all in the ears… I’m sure there must’ve been a very funny, cute and sweet bunny somewhere in the early generations who made his mark in the Schnauzer bloodline… and so Lucy was the lucky winner of the funny bunny ears gene. At first as I couldn’t understand where these ears came from as not one of her parents, grandparents or great-grandparents has bunny-ears, but still… Lucy is one of my very special breeding girls with an amazing personality and who adores her beautiful babies.

Puppies from Lucy and Charlie

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