Our Longhair Dachshund breeding girls are Lika, Honey, Bea, Nala and Lilo.


Nala is our precious chocolate & cream dapple girl with glittering eyes that reflects her gentle nature. For more photos of Nala and her previous litters, please click here: Nala


Lilo is our gracious, beautiful chocolate & cream girl. For more info and photos of Lilo, click here: Lilo


Bea is our beautiful Shaded Cream girl. For more information and photos of her, click here: Bea


Lika is our gracious cream girl. For more information, photos and photos or her previous puppies, click here: LIKA


Honey is our funny bunny, feisty chocolate based, cream girl. For more information and photos of her previous litter, click here: Honey

Our Boys

Our breeding boys are Aslan, Luke and Timmy

Aslan aka Leeutjie

Aslan is our stunning cream boy with the heart of a lion. He is scared of nothing and no one, thinking he is the king of his tribe… only until he finds his way in his mom’s arms… then he is the most tender lion in the whole world. For more photos of Aslan, click here: Aslan


Luke is our black & cream dapple boy (silver dapple) with a cute, mischievous look in his eyes.


Mommie’s boy!!! To me, Timmy is the most beautiful shaded cream boy in the whole wide world …. actually, he is too beautiful to be a boy … and his cute, playful nature makes him even more beautiful. Timmy

Our previous boys


Graffiti was our charming Black & Cream Dapple boy with beautiful amber coloured eyes and lovely thick, soft and slight curly fur. He was one of my first breeding males and believe me … he loved his job! He was a real little Houdini who could escape from anywhere when his nose told him there was “work” to do. He took his job very seriously, in such a matter that I had to get him neutered before he mated my French Bulldog girls… imagine that! For more photos and information, click here:

Calvin Klein

Calvin was my first breeding boy, what a handsome man!

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