Our current breeding girls:

Kristil – Array of Colours

Kristil was bred from Klaradyn and Oliver. She is VERY soft-hearted and sensitive, but also friendly and loving. She loves going for walks and if I refuse to take them for a walk, she wanders off by herself… leaving my stomach in a knot. For more photos of Kristil and her previous litter, click on her name: Kristil – Array of Colours

Hadeshua Stars Peaches aka Meisiekind

Peaches is our lovely salt-and-pepper girl bred from Emma and Oliver … 2 of my dearest dogs that hold a very special space in my ❤️ for more info about Peaches, click here: Peaches aka Meisiekind

Hadeshua Stars Katrie

Katie is our lovely black female born from Klaradyn and Oliver. She has all the amazingness of mom Klaradyn and lovingness of our deeply-adored Oliver. For more photos of Katrie and what her puppies look like, click here: Katrie

Hadeshua Ray of Light aka Lucy & Hasie

Hasie’s initial name was Lucy that means “Light”, and so she was registered as Ray of Light. We call her Hunny Bunny or in Afrikaans: Hasie! In any way, Hasie is my pride and joy as she is the product of all my older Schnauzers together… 4 totally different bloodlines. She is the grandchild of Oliver, Klaradyn, Maja and Karoo (Lynville). She is like a Duracell bunny with loads and loads of energy, always chatting and always smiling. What a happy little girl! For more photots of Hasie and what her puppies look like, please click here: Lucy aka Hasie


Mia-Lee is our beautiful black & Silver girl bred from Maja and Oliver. She was Maja’s last baby and she owns a huge piece of my heart. She is just as intelligent as her mom Maja; obedient, protective and like all Schnauzers… very loving and friendly. For more photos of Mia-Lee, click on her name: Mia-Lee

Hadeshua Lovely Aster

Aster is our precious salt & pepper girl. For more information about Aster and what her puppies look like, please click here: Aster – “star” or “flower”

Hadeshua Star Jasmine – Jasmyn

Surely one of our most stunning Schnauzers!

Jasmyn was bred from Amee and Oliver and the product was extremely beautiful… Jasmyn has dad Oliver and mom Amee’s beautiful thick hair, a big, bushy white beard, and a perfect body structure. She is one of a kind with her staring eyes that gaze into your heart, mind and soul… deciding if she can trust you or not. She may appear a little shy, but that’s only because she’s checking you out… If she decides that you are trustworthy, she is a ball of love who will overwhelm you with hugs and kisses. She is a very sweet girl and her babies are just as stunningly beautiful as she is. To see more photos of Jasmyn and what her babies look like, please click here: Star Jasmine – Jasmyn


Hadeshua Stars Isla – Devotion

Isla is our gorgeous black & silver girl bred from Mia-Lee & Basjan. She is one of our 3rd generation Hadeshua-bred girls who makes my heart beat extra drops of gratitude & love towards the ONE who holds the stars… the ONE who blesses us with the most beautiful, happy and healthy puppies. Isla is a ball of fiery mischievous energy; she is a loving, silly, always happy little girl who can make any heart melt. To see more of Isla and her family tree, please click here: Isla – Devotion

We love your energy and the way you love and adore others, our Isla-girl



Our Breeding Boys:

Oliver aka Ollie

Boy oh boy! 💙Oliver is our black and silver boy that lighten with age. He is surely the most loving boy… friendly, but also protective, very loving, talkative and he LOVES his mom!  How I love this boy… For more photos of Oliver, click on his name: Oliver aka Ollie


Basjan is our sweetheart black & silver boy. For more info about Basjan, click here: Basjan

Charlie – the casanova

Charlie is our black and silver youngest stud and already such a handsome boy. He is a all-in-one as he not only has good looks, but also a very charming attitude who knows how to flatter girls’s heart with his huge, round eyes. He is a friendly, loving, clownish boy and when he gets excited, he spins on one place with his rear legs. I am very excited about this boy’s future with us as I already can see that he is going to be the cassanova between the girls. For more photos of Charlie, please click on his name… Charlie

Our retired boys & girls


We have decided to get Klaradyn sterilised because of her age. I am against breeders who let their girls have babies when they are over 5 years old because I know how much it takes from a female to raise babies. Klaradyn is a free spirit and she needs space, so she will be staying with us until the day of her death. She was a precious mommy to her babies and she deserves the best out of life.

For more info and photos of Klaradyn and what her babies looked like, click on her name: Klaradyn

Emma – Rosequartz

Emma is our salt and pepper girl that were bred from one of our older girls, Maja. Emma is very intelligent, loving, playful, obedient and protective over her puppies and her family. She will grow old with us on IL Sogno after being sterilized. For more photos of Emma and her previous puppies, click on her name: Emma

Amee – Amethyst

What a gem 💎

Amee is our salt & pepper girl with the most beautiful amber coloured eyes and a huge white beard! She is very loving, VERY protective of her family and some times full of mischief! She has a very strong personality and is surely the leader of the pack. For more photos of Amee and her previous puppies, click on her name: Amee

Amee played a huge role in the creation of Hadeshua Stars’ Schnauzer bloodlines. She has the perfect build with strong legs, nice thick hair, the most beautiful amber colored eyes and a bushy white beard. She has a strong personality, is quite dominant and didn’t take nonsense from anyone. She is very intelligent and obedient. I had the privilege to hold her in my hands the day she was born, to see her grow, develop and turn into one of the most beautiful Schnauzer girls I have ever seen. She had fantastic mothering instincts and was surely one of the best mom’s to her babies I have ever experienced. As a puppy she was a bit shy of strangers, but over the years she has become a real lovebug who loves people very much. Her legacy will live on through Aster, Jasmyn and Amber who are her daughters.

Amee was sterilized at the age of 4 and a half years because she had difficulty giving birth normally, therefore she had to undergo a caesarean section with each litter. Her uterus developed severe adhesions and I then made the choice not to take the chance of her becoming pregnant again… and so she got sterilized. She will live with us a d grow old with us. She has a lot of self-confidence and a calm nature, she handles new situations very well. She radiates loads of positive energy which can have a fantastic effect on our youngsters who will learn from her.

“My Ammie-Pammie, jy besit ‘n baie groot deel van mamma se hart, dankie dat jy so ‘n goeie mamma was vir jou babatjies… en ook vir die ander mammas se babatjies. Dankie vir die legacy wat jy agtergelaat het… jy het verseker ‘n groot en wonderlike rol gespeel in die vootbestaan van pragtige Schnauzer hondekinders. Lief jou vir altyd”


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