Mini Schnauzer Puppies

It seems to be the year of the boys, as my waiting list required a lot of females… my girls weren’t very impressed with that idea as they know how cute their boys are. All our female puppies are reserved, but I do have a few male pups that can be reserved. Please email me on for more info.

Prices of puppies

My Schnauzer Puppies sell from R10 000 and more… depending on colour. WHY ARE MY PUPS SO EXPENSIVE? Because you pay for what you get… because we are not a puppy mill or backyard breeders…. because of the way my breeding dogs are cared for… only the best… because of the way we raise, love and cherish our puppies as our own. They are not used to kennels or cages, but are raised inside our home where we have 2-3 renovated puppy rooms, each with it’s own sliding door opening onto a puppy garden. To raise my babies in the most hygienically circumstances as possible, is one of my main concerns and it takes huge amount of time and energy as I do everything myself. My other huge concern and motive is to breed healthy puppies, so the parents are healthy and they are DNA tested for genetical health issues to make sure we do not breed puppies with health problems. And in the end… the personality and good looks of our puppies are an absolute bonus. Price includes vaccinations, deworming, micro-chip, registrations WITH BREEDING RESTRICTIONS. Puppy also leaves us with a surprise bag packed with goodies.

Waiting list

I work strictly according a waiting list, so if you are interested in future puppies, you have to make sure that your name is added to the waiting list, otherwise I will not be able to help you. I’m not a huge breeder with cages packed with dogs, sp I do not have monthly litters of a certain breed, but I should be able to help you within 2-6 months, provided you are on the waiting list. If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please make sure about the prices of my puppies and then send me an email with as much information as possible about yourself, your family and the life that a puppy will have with you. I would also like to know your working hours and where your puppy will be staying during the day. If you do have children… what are their ages; do you have other animals? Where will the puppy sleep? Do you have an open pool and how big is your garden? If it’s too personal for you to provide me with the above information, I can unfortunately not trust you with one of my babies. If you do approve to own a Hadeshua puppy, I will email you a short waiting list contract that has to be completed. It includes a R500 deposit and I do not keep anyone “in the loop” without the waiting list contract in place. When I receive the waiting list contract and proof of payment back from you, you will be added to the waiting list and then I will pass on further information to you.

Delivery of puppies

Although we live near Graaff-Reinet in the Karoo, delivery is not a problem. I don’t like flying my puppies to their locations, so I’d rather make use of reliable Pet Couriers such as Global Paws. Although I arrange transport for the puppies, the amount for delivery is not included in the Puppy’s price. The delivery amount is usually R1 000 – R1 500, depending on courier and destination. Places like Durban can be around R2 000

Raising our puppies

…With loads and loads of love! Our puppies stay with mom next to our bed for the first few days. When I feel comfortable to leave mom alone with puppies, I move them to the baby nursery-room which is a nice, quiet room situated next to ours where no one can irritate mom and she can attent peaceful to her newborn babies. Moms are fed a special diet consisting of freshly cooked chicken every day. When puppies start to wiggle around and show interest in food, they are moved to the 2nd puppy-room which is more central in our home. Here the puppies get used to new sounds as well as being pampered by everyone who walks by the puppy-room… who can resist a puppy? They get used to human sounds and human hands caressing them and in no time they start wagging those little tails when they hear or see us. This room has a sliding door leading to the small puppy-garden where they are trained to wee on the grass.

Photo’s of our previous litters – ALL SOLD


These 2 girls are sisters bred from Amee and Oliver… Aster & Jasmyn… My 2 “blommetjie-kinders”. They will be staying with us.




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