Our Mini Schnauzers

Meet our breeding boys and girls…

Our breeding boys and girls are not seen or handled as breeding stock, for they are not sheep, nor cattle. They are like children in our home and they receive as much love and attention as pets would. I do not believe in a breeding structure with kennels, so our dogs do not get locked up. We are fortunate to have a very big yard that is divided into 3 huge areas, covered with grass. Each area has a door that leads into a certain area of our home, so during the day they are free to play outside or being lazy on a couch inside. We are very fortunate that our boys are not fighters, so we never have a problem with boys tearing each other to part when the girls are in season. My 3 breeds (Schnauzers, LH Daxies and Frenchies) get along very good, so they all play together.

Al my dogs are healthy and without any physical disabilities. After 10 years of breeding, I am very fortunate to breed from my own lines, so I know there is no illnesses or temperament problems in my current lines. My older dogs were all DNA tested for genetic illnesses and all of them are clear, which means their offspring are clear as well, thus my younger breeding boys and girls that are Hadeshua bred, are clear of genetic illnesses.

The following are our breeding boys and girls. To read more about each one, just click on his/her name:











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