Meisiekind is our lovely salt & pepper girl born from Emma and Oliver. She is a perfect mix between Emma and Oliver with mom Emma’s obedience and intelligence, and dad Oliver’s loving temperament. She is an energetic “rabbedoe” who talks her way through life and she has tons of love to give. She is a wonderful mom and her babies are gorgeous with amazing personalities.

Meisiekind & Basjan Puppies

Lucky Star – This boy is small in posture like his dad Basjan, which makes him VERY cute! Sdd feisty, loving friendly and intelligence and you will ge a “Lucky-Packet” filled with mischievous, playfulness a bit craziness mixed with ‘good as gold’.

Stardust – This cute boy is filled with hugs & kisses from top to toe that makes it hard not to hug him. As soon as you hug him tight, he puffs up invisible particles of stardust that will fill your heart and take your breath away… He is a happy, friendly and very loving little boy that will steal hearts as far as he goes.

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