Peppa is one of our beautiful imported girls. She is a Lilac Merle, carrying tan points. My heart instantly united with Peppa’s heart when we first met… and she seemed to be jumping over the moon from excitement to meet us for the first time … as if she knew she was destined to be one of our Hadeshua breeding Frenchies. With her big round eyes (which she stretches even bigger when she does not feel like listening), and the funny facial expressions, she can very easily steal anyones heart … not because she is so beautiful, but because of her hilarious nature. How blessed I am to have Pia as one of my Frenchie breeding dogs. She blessed us with the most beautiful puppies.

The following litter was from Peppa with Beau being the father. They produced Blue Merle, Blue & Tan, Lilac & Tan, Lilac Merle as well as Lilac & Tan Merle. All of these pups are sold

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