Jasmine is our stunning black & silver female born from Amee & Oliver. Jasmine’s black fur got a little lighter like most black & silver Schnauzers’ furs do. She has an outstanding personality… from a shy introvert girl to an hunting extrovert. From the day of her birth, she was a shy little girl – definitely a introvert, keeping herself busy with her own thoughts. As she got older, she started to undergo a metamorphosis from the shy girl to a colourful butterfly – or let me rather say a colourful dear who thinks she is a natural born hunter. She loves to sniff around and explore… she gets lost in all the different smells and sounds while being in the field. Her favorite game is with her favorite person, Inus, who is always ready for a game or two with Jazzy to improve her hunting skills… she then undergoes a metamorphosis in her own mind from a chubby Schnauzer girl to a leaping dear. Jazzie also has a lot of love to give and is obsessed with attention, love, hugs and kisses. Her puppies are beyond gorgeous!

Jasmine as puppy

Jasmine + Charlie Puppies

Bloom – Hadeshua Star in Bloom


Our Upcoming Star – BORIS

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