Waiting List

If you have your heart set on a certain breed, colour or gender Hadeshua Puppy, it is important to be on the waiting list. We ALWAYS have waiting lists for our puppies, especially on certain colours and genders.

Being on the waiting list assures me that you have made up your mind to own a Hadeshua bred puppy, that you have seen our website for basic information and that you have done your research on various breeders. It assures me that you are serious about one of our puppies. Please don’t get me wrong, but I do not have the time to spend hours on the phone or whatsapp people who are not really serious to get a puppy from us. Therefor, most of the information is on our website, so for info about our dogs & pupppies and the way we care for them, you can get a very good idea by checking out our website. Only those who commit by being on our waiting list, will get more information from myself, so I personally update the waiting list members about mommies-to-be, newborn puppies etc… I do not give this type of information to the public… not that we have anything to hide, but just because there are so many time-wasters outside.

Before you apply for a puppy, please be aware of the pricing of our puppies. Prices can differ due to a lot of factors, but this is the estimate prices on our pups:

  • Miniature Longhair Dachshunds: Dapples and creams are the most expensive, especially females. They sell for anything between R12 000 – R15 000 a puppy. Chocolate & Cream females between R10 000 – R12 000. Black & Creams R10 000
  • Miniature Schnauzers: R12 000
  • French Bulldogs: Standard colours like brindles and fawns R15 000 – R20 000. Blue-Fawns R20 000 – R30 000. Solid Blue R25 000 – R32 000. Blue & Tan, Merles, Lilacs sell for R30 000 – R40 000.

How to hop onto the waiting list:

Please send me an email introducing yourself. I would like to have basic background about yourself, family, age of children and other dogs. I would like to know your working hours and how long your puppy will be left alone at home.

Which breed are you interested in? Colour and gender? After having this information, I will get back to you asap, discussing the length of the waiting list on the type of puppy you wish to have. If you are happy with the info I gave you, I will email you the waiting list form that you have to complete and email back to me with proof of payment. Waiting list fee is R500. It is not a deposit on a puppy and it is not refundable. Once I received it from you, I save your contact details and you will get personal information from me about pregnant females, current puppies etc. I have no problem at all spending time with those on the waiting list.

The waiting list works as follow: You get a numbered place on the waiting list. When a new litter is born and I feel happy with their development, I contact the person on the waiting list to make his / her choice. After the person booked his puppy, I do not show this particular puppy to anyone else. I contact the 2nd person on the waiting list to choose his puppy… and so I go down the list. When it’s your turn to choose a puppy and you feel like waiting for the next litter, you naturally stay at the top of the list to choose from the next litter. When you choose a puppy, I send you the purchase contract and you get 48 hours to complete the contract and pay 50% deposit. The rest of the amount is payable during the last week before puppy leaves us.

The puppies that are not selected by the waiting list members are placed on my website at 6 weeks of age. They are then shown to the public and sold to someone not being on the waiting li